About Centre

Our key priority

Our principal objective is to protect Ukraine from threats, both military and hybrid ones. We are committed to achieving this objective together with civil society, government agencies, and our international partners. 

Our impact

We seek out and provide answers to the most challenging questions, contribute to critical government decisions, and facilitate democratic civilian control.

We believe that Ukraine and its international partners already have independent, experienced, and respected experts who can find solutions to any challenging issue.

Together with their expertise, we provide analytical, professionally-researched, and practical support to critical decision-making, and endorse the principle of democratic civilian control over the security and defence sector.

The Centre is a place for the acute issues to be raised, studied, and analysed, for practical decisions to be shaped and debated in a professional setting, and also as a place for public discussions.

We engage with the best professionals from Ukraine and abroad.

Our expertise is balanced, objective, unbiased, impartial, professional and recognized by the leading international expert community.