Our lines of effort

We focus on two principal areas:

1. Key strategies and government decisions

We study the security environment and existing and emerging threats. We understand the context and the main burning issues. Together with leading experts, we outline the strategies, identify threats, and define strategic responses. We provide answers to the question: how Ukraine can strengthen its defence and security through systemic solutions, both at the national level and in the international context.

2. Monitoring critical reforms in the security and defence sector

We understand that security and defence sector reform is a key factor for a prosperous and strong Ukraine. The reforms are complex, lengthy and painful, but necessary. We identify the preconditions, challenges, and key focus areas for reform. We develop target models of reforms and road maps to implement them.


We work with the legislators and executive government officials, international organizations, the media, research scholars, experts, and public opinion leaders. We are committed to having our research and discussion findings incorporated into legislation, government decisions, and actions.