Defence resources

The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine manages an enormous number of assets, such as state-owned enterprises, property, and hundreds of thousands of hectares of land. Many of these resources are not used to increase defence capabilities. Traditionally, managing the assets of the Ministry of defence was prone to corrupt schemes and illegal revenue generators. At the same time, a significant number of important military infrastructure is in poor condition. The queue to receive state-guaranteed housing for servicemen has 46,000 deserving people waiting in it, and this issue has not been resolved for more than 20 years.

MoD asset management needs to take decisive reform steps, and we are convinced that these steps could resolve many problems. In particular, there is a feasible way to close the housing queue and provide homes for the most servicemen just in several years.

The second important issue is attracting investment. Currently, public-private partnerships in the field of defence are not legally regulated, and this forbids the attraction of private funds for the development of critical technologies.

We research and study these issues and develop solutions to reform defence resource and asset management.