Our approach

1. We detect emerging defence issues,

which are relevant, substantial, and critical for Ukraine’s defence sector reform.

2. We identify and engage the best experts

with an in-depth understanding of the specific topics in question and who are equipped with scholarly and practical experience and tools to develop solutions. We assemble a team of experts, both from Ukraine and from partner countries. If necessary, we collect primary data. We seek the expertise of top experts via personal interviews and surveys. Our experts are reliable and have an impeccable reputation in the field.

3. We conduct research

and methodologically generalize our experts’ opinions, transforming them into a clearly defined position.

4. We develop reports or policy papers

based on the research findings. These are the core products of the Centre. They outline the issues, define the research methodology, describe expert opinions, and offer practical solutions.

Importantly, our comprehensive approach to describing the varying individual opinions and disagreements of the top-notch experts is fundamental for developing unbiased, in-depth and objective position papers. Our reports and policy papers are not limited to one view but represent a balanced intellectual product of rigorous discussion among the most respected specialists.

5. We offer solutions, laid out in our reports and policy papers

and advocate them before government officials and legislators, representatives of partner countries, NATO, the media, and before the public and opinion leaders.

We anticipate the results of our work to appear in high-quality Ukrainian government decisions, as well as contribute to our international partners’ decisions for a stronger European Ukraine, and its success with reforms and on the battlefield.

We emphasize the importance of our work being done in compliance with our principles and standards.