Security threats

We look at the government decision making, policies and reforms in a greater strategic context: enabling Ukraine’s prosperity and welfare of its people, building national defence capabilities, and protecting Ukraine’s national interests.

We explore defence sector issues as part of these goals. Threats to Ukraine’s national security have a direct impact on the life of its people, on Ukraine’s sovereignty and development. Although the threats are primarily connected to the war in eastern Ukraine, they are not limited to it. Very palpable threats are emerging in the Black Sea region. Some adversary hybrid operations are implemented daily in the information and cyber spheres, as well as in the economic, energy, diplomatic and legal domains.

Ukraine’s priority task is to stabilize its security situation, return its temporarily occupied territories, and secure the grounds for economic growth, attracting investment, and fostering national development. Ukraine’s strategic goal is to become a member of the EU and NATO.

How can Ukraine achieve these goals?

We provide answers to these questions.